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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Time is running out for around 1075 Filipino skilled nurses who have been accepted for work in German hospitals and are stranded in the country due to the deployment ban on health workers by the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 since April 2, 2020.

Since these nurses have been out of work for the past two years and out of the national health care system in preparation for their German job offers, finances of the nurses have virtually dried up.

Their German language proficiency is slowly going down and their German employers are waiting for the government to lift the deployment ban to Germany.

The nurses have been studying German language for the past year and have been issued visas for Germany however with the onset of the deployment ban for HCWs the nurses could no longer pursue their travel.

According to a certain John Rambo S. Luces who hails from Malabon, he should have left last April but unfortunately was held up by the ban.

The Philippines and Germany have a government-to-government agreement for the deployment of skilled and qualified nurses to Germany with the participation of the private sector.

Nurses in Germany earn at least 2700 Euros monthly or the equivalent of P 160 thousand pesos a substantial sum that will help their families in the country.

There are at least more than 1,400 nurses in Germany right now and are highly appreciated by their hospitals.

PASEI (Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc.) the largest recruitment association in the country recently held a survey among its members to find out how many Germany –bound nurses are in their pipeline who are ready to be deployed once the ban is lifted by the government.

The 1075 nurses who have been given the opportunity to earn well for their families are waiting and praying that the government will lift the deployment ban to allow these nurses to seek a better future for themselves and their families.

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