• By The Financial District


Clashes between police and protesters in Peru's capital Lima has left two people dead as unrest grows in the wake of the impeachment of president Martin Vizcarra, Nick Kaiser reported for Deustche Presse-Agentur (dpa).

Thousands hit the streets for six days in a row in several cities in the South American country, protesting what they see as parliament's undemocratic actions in deposing Vizcarra.

In Lima, the police once again used tear gas and reportedly rubber bullets. State social security authority EsSalud said two men in their 20s were killed by gunshots while other injuries were recorded.

Vizcarra, who was removed from office by a firm majority of lawmakers, expressed his condolences on Twitter: "The country will not allow the death of these brave young people to go unpunished." He was accused of taking 2.3 million soles ($636,000) in bribes from a construction company during his time as governor of the Moquegua region from 2011 to 2014. He denies the allegations and did so again before the impeachment vote while accusing the opposition of trying to destabilize Peru. He said he would leave parliament "with his head held high."