African aquaculturists are worried that the COVID-19 pandemic would spur a global food crisis, with the entire entire value chain from pre-production to transportation and marketing being hit hard and sustaining enormous losses, said Undercurrent News in its May 12, 2020 issue.

All told, experts participating in a webinar organized by the West African branch of the World Aquaculture Society (WSS) warned the economic fallout of the pandemic could plunge more than 500 million people into poverty, with communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East expected to suffer the most.

“Serious and particularly dire implications for the poor and vulnerable living in developing countries; the impacts of this global health crisis and ultimately the economic crisis will disproportionately affect women and girls and reverse progress on gender equality on many levels," said Gareth Johnstone, director-general of WorldFish.

"A looming food crisis – with serious socio-economic consequences – will become inevitable unless sound and decisive measures are taken fast to keep global food supply chains going and to protect poor and vulnerable communities,” he added. #coronavirusimpact #COVID19