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Ajinomoto Philippines Embraces Renewable Energy

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC), the local subsidiary of the renowned Ajinomoto Group of Japan, has forged a pioneering partnership with ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES), a subsidiary of ACEN Corporation, to transition its Bulacan manufacturing facility to 100% renewable energy.

Celebrating a Greener Future: Ajinomoto Philippines' President, Mr. Koichi Osaki, and ACEN Chief Operating Officer Mr. Miguel de Jesus commemorate the milestone partnership, marking a significant step towards sustainability at the Ajinomoto Philippines Flavor Food Inc. (APF) Bulacan Factory. | Photo: Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, solidifying their commitment to combating climate change and fostering sustainable development.

"At Ajinomoto Philippines, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and achieving sustainable growth. Our transition to renewable energy through ACEN RES is a pivotal step towards realizing this commitment," stated Mr. Koichi Osaki, President of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation.

"By joining forces with organizations that share our advocacy and goals, we believe that we are collectively closer to co-creating a greener and more sustainable Philippine society."

The partnership, made possible through the government's Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) program, empowers businesses to choose their electricity supplier, enabling Ajinomoto Philippines to align its operations with its sustainability objectives.

Since December 2023, the Ajinomoto Philippines Flavor Food Inc. (APF) Bulacan Factory has been powered solely by renewable energy, achieving a significant milestone in its 2030 sustainability roadmap.

The journey towards renewable energy began in 2022 with the installation of a 1MW-peak capacity Solar Rooftop at the manufacturing facility, reducing its annual carbon footprint by approximately 18%.

Building on this initiative, APC sought to further mitigate its environmental impact, leading to the partnership with ACEN RES, renowned for its expertise in renewable energy solutions.

To commemorate this achievement, a momentous MOA signing took place on March 1, 2024, attended by key representatives from both APC and ACEN Corporation.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation continues to uphold its mission of contributing to food and wellness while striving for a better future.

Through initiatives like the partnership with ACEN RES, APC reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable growth, setting a precedent for responsible corporate citizenship in the Philippines.


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