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Amazon Offers Concessions To Settle EU Anti-Trust Probes

Amazon has offered to change its business practices in Europe to resolve two ongoing antitrust investigations targeting the company in the EU, according to European Commission officials, Brian Fung reported for CNN Business.

Photo Insert: The Dunfermline facility is the largest Amazon warehouse in the UK

In light of the proposed changes to the EU market, Amazon has indicated that it will refrain from using information obtained from third-party sellers to influence its own retail decisions, such as selecting which products to offer under its own private label.

Amazon has been accused of unfairly undercutting third-party sellers by using the information it gathers about the products they sell most to enter the market and compete directly with them.

Also, Amazon has stated that it will not favor any particular seller over another for inclusion in the Buy Box, the top spot in the product listings on the site. (When a buyer clicks the "Add to Cart" button in the "Buy Box," they are sending their business to the seller that "won" that spot based on Amazon's criteria).

Amazon proposed adding a second seller to the Buy Box as part of the Buy Box concession, which might increase the exposure of both parties.

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In addition, it made a number of guarantees about merchants' ties with Amazon Prime and stated that sellers under its Prime label would be able to utilize any shipping carrier rather than Amazon's fulfillment services.

Amazon has made a number of promises concerning its connection with Prime sellers, including allowing those sellers to use any shipping carrier they choose instead of Amazon's own fulfillment services.

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Amid increasing regulatory and legislative scrutiny of the company around the world, which has increasingly zeroed in on allegations the e-commerce giant uses third-party seller data to benefit its own retail business on the same platform, Amazon has made concessions that show how motivated it is to settle the EU probes.

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