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Anger is surging in India over the loss of 20 soldiers in a brutal, hand-to-hand border clash with Chinese troops fought with clubs and rods studded with nails, according to a report from the New York Times.

The paper said that there have been angry calls to shut down Chinese restaurants and tear up contracts with Chinese companies. Crowds have smashed Chinese-made televisions in the street.

Generals from the two countries met again on Thursday to discuss de-escalation in the Himalayan border zone where the brawl erupted, but satellite images indicated that Chinese troops had yet to pull back.

Some Indian Army officers want to change the rules of engagement and abandon the border code that does not allow the use of guns during confrontations.

Spillover in trade: The Indian Express newspaper reported that the government was preparing to cancel a huge railway contract with a Chinese company.

Protests have broken out across India to boycott Chinese goods, a move that would not be easy. The phones in most Indians’ hands are made in China, as are countless other products. India-China trade has grown to more than $95 billion in 2018 from $3 billion in 2000. As of last year, India’s trade deficit with China reached nearly $60 billion.

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