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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The ABS CBN issue will undoubtedly occupy the daily discussions in the sari-sari store "umpukan," in the boardrooms of corporations, inside jeepneys, various foreign chambers and even in the cubby holes of stock brokerage houses and other forums .

Some of us may have strong emotions in the daily fare of the network that promote what pundits say are inane programs that do not contribute to nudging higher the level of education of its vast audience.

Others may have been disheartened by their inability to now watch their fave programs. And they may cry to the high heavens at the parade of events and the lopsided voting result.

Clearly, the message was unmistakable and while I may not wholeheartedly like the fare the network dishes out to its audience, still I believe that it should not be taken off the air if only to show a modicum of a free press that a nation desirous for foreign investments should aspire for.

We hope that President Duterte should surprise the nation and be magnanimous by way of ordering the opening of the network if only to convey the notion that in this neck of the woods, there is a semblance of order, of a free press.

Magnanimity in victory . A free press . A ray of hope in this challenging time. They will be great sound bites and they could bring in the hoped-for foreign direct investments that have escaped us, getting only crumbs compared to what Vietnam is getting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to its knees many nations, even the well-offs. The Great Reset button is needed and why not have this new reality govern the President's decision making process and let ABS CBN return. The stakes are high and the economy's revival is at issue. [Lito U. Gagni]

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