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Former Vice President Joe Biden is well ahead in the national polls and is leading in swing states, making it possible for him to amass more than 400 Electoral College votes, The largest Democratic win in the last 56 years was Bill Clinton's 9-point win in 1996, which is much less than Lyndon Johnson's 486 electoral vote win in 1964, Harry Enten said in his June 19, 2020 analysis for CNN. 

For Biden to score a huge win, very little needs to change. Biden is ahead by 10 points in an average of live interview polls nationally. Chances are Biden will still be ahead come November and that he'll win a comfortable, not blowout win, Enten theorized.

Biden, given his large lead nationally and Trump's struggling approval ratings, is the clear favorite. The most likely scenario is he'll end up somewhere in the low to mid-300s in terms of electoral votes.

Still, there are a lot of states with a lot of electoral votes where the polling has dramatically shifted the last few months. Biden may win all of them or none of them and for Trump to even inch up a bit, he should remember that in the last 3-1/2 years, he has not only lost his novelty but also the trust and confidence of voters. As Filipinos would say, “tinimbang siya nguni’t kulang” (he has been weighed and found wanting) and his 38% approval rating is the basic number he has to beat along with psychotic claims like 1-million Americans want to watch his indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20.