• By The Financial District


A sophisticated and shady website called HK Leaks has ramped up its "doxxing" -- where people's personal details are published online -- of Hong Kong political activists, targeting those it says have broken a sweeping new national security law.

Prominent pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow are on a website called HK Leaks under a section named “Hong Kong independence rioter.” Rachel Blundy and Esther Chan reported for Agence Frane-Presse (AFP).

HK Leaks published information on at least 14 people it claims broke the national security law in Hong Kong while Hong Kong activist Carol Ng received menacing calls from strangers and was bombarded with messages calling her a “cockroach” after her personal phone number was posted on the website.

Promoted by groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party and hosted on Russia-based servers, HK Leaks has become the most prominent doxxing site targeting democracy activists since it first emerged in 2019. The website continues to operate despite requests last year from Hong Kong's Privacy Commissioner to remove all personal profiles, and it has been referred to the Hong Kong Police for investigation. Home addresses, social media profiles and telephone numbers feature alongside descriptions of individuals' alleged "crimes".

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