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Anakbayan has condemned in the strongest terms possible President Duterte's sudden signing of the controversial and unconstitutional Anti-Terror Bill into law on July 3 and vowed to fight on for freedom and democracy.

"If Duterte thinks that this sudden signing will cow the people into silence, he is wrong. We are prepared, and we will continue the fight against Duterte's legalized Martial Law!" said Anakbayan spokesperson Alex Danday.

"Utilizing the pandemic to legalize martial law is a devious move by the regime. Duterte will only add to the staggering number of Filipinos harassed, arrested, and killed at the hands of the butchers in the police and military--especially those whose only 'crime' is calling for mass testing, immediate distribution of aid, and economic relief for millions who are sick, unemployed, and hungry," Danday argued.

Anakbayan said the massive mobilizations and outpouring of rage over the Law's railroaded passage through Congress that culminated in huge mobilizations in June--despite lockdown restrictions and police harassment—are indelible proof that the Filipino people will not take Duterte’s terror law sitting down.

Danday warned that Duterte's signing of the terror law hastens the downfall of his own regime since his latest gimmick will never silence his critics.

History has shown that the Filipino people have the capacity, numbers and force to overthrow a dictator and defend democracy. “We did so before and we shall do it again!” Danday concluded.

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