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Americans' outlook on the national economy has improved somewhat from its lowest points during the early weeks of COVID-19 pandemic but a new poll suggests Democrats and Republicans are living in alternate economic realities amid the sharpest recession in the nation’s history, Josh Boak and Emilt Swanson wrote for the Associated Press (AP) late on June 22, 2020.

Eighty-five percent of Democrats call economic conditions “poor,” while 65% of Republicans describe them as “good” in a new survey conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

“The economy is in terrible shape and improving rapidly,” said Harvard University professor Jason Furman, formerly the top economist in the Obama White House. “Depending on which of the two halves you’re looking at, you’re going to have a very different interpretation of where we are.”

Overall, 63% of the country says the economy is in poor shape, down somewhat from the 70% who felt that way in May. The change was driven by increasingly optimistic Republicans, only 43% of whom described the economy as good a month ago. Two-thirds of Republicans, but just 29% of Democrats, expect improvement over the next year.