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Asian Power Devices: Powering A Great Night's Sleep For Infrastructure Managers

At dusk on November 9th, 1965, all of New York state, parts of seven adjoining states, and the Canadian province of Ontario were plunged into darkness. A heavily loaded protection relay in southern Ontario had tripped out, causing a trip-out cascade when the load was transferred and overloaded other power lines.

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The blackout was one of the biggest power failures in history and at the height of rush hour, leaving 800,000 people trapped in New York's subway system, delaying millions of commuters and stranding thousands more in office buildings, elevators, and trains.

Fortunately, blackouts of this magnitude are rare but blackouts can hit almost any grid and it is an uncomfortable truth that many power networks worldwide are showing signs of strain. The overcapacity needed to ensure the security of supply (and keep the lights on) is simply too small, leaving potential blackouts or brownouts on the horizon.

These are nightmare scenarios for anyone tasked with keeping critical systems like medical equipment, industrial automation systems, security monitoring systems, or transportation running. Infrastructure managers know that a quality UPS buys them something priceless: time. Time to spool up backup generators or to gracefully power down the system and avoid equipment damage.

Asian Power Devices (APD) has a long record at the forefront of professional lithium-ion UPS design, where more than 10% of the company's turnover is funneled to R&D every year, reported PR Newswire.

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"The professional teams of APD's Uninterruptible Power System Business department have over 20 years of R&D strength, becoming long-term strategic partners with many world-renowned European, American, and Japanese companies. We use our strengths in innovative R&D technology to provide customized UPS designs and manufacturing services for our customers." - Peter Hu, General Manager of APD's Uninterruptible Power System Business department

The latest APD lithium-ion UPS boasts a 10-year usage life – over twice that of lead-acid UPS products – and a 53% reduction in size compared to similar products in the industry, which provides reliable protection where it's needed.

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