Writing in The Atlantic on May 12, David Frum said US President Trump has lost the plot and is babbling things that American voters care less about while his opponent, presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has been blasting him with ads that speak loudly of real-world issues: Jobs and the COVID-19 pandemic.

This should be bitter irony for Trump, who had talked about things that Republicans cared about in 2015--- immigration, drugs, the declining status of less educated white men. “That Trump is gone. Today’s Trump has lost the plot. He’s talking about things most voters could not even understand, let alone care about. Yes, Flynn lied to the FBI. But you have to see, the FBI’s interview was not properly predicated … Meanwhile, the country is on track to lose more people to the coronavirus than the Union lost in battle in the Civil War. Meanwhile, 33 million Americans have filed unemployment claims.”

Since Trump only cares about himself, he does not understand what the dying, hungry and jobless Americans need. President Trump, one of his former White House officials explained is not playing “the sort of three-dimensional chess people ascribe to decisions like this. More often than not he’s just eating the pieces.”

Frum said Trump bungled the COVID-19 crisis because he is clueless about everything and, as others surmise, he must be suffering from dementia and aphasia. “Trump is all about Trump. That’s always been true. For three years, though, Trump was protected from himself by the prosperity he inherited from others. Trump has squandered that prosperity, as he previously squandered the fortune bequeathed by his father. The consequences are here. The fairy tales Trump tells on Twitter will not conceal those consequences from the voters Trump needs. They weren’t listening before. Now they are. And what they hear is not: Obama was mean to me. What they hear is: I cannot do this job,” he concludes.