• By The Financial District


The Human Rights Organization of Afrin has released a list of rebel divisions active in Syria that have been transported to Azerbaijan and hired as mercenaries to fight against the Artsakh military in the ongoing Azeri offensive. 

According to the organization, 80 fighters from the seven different divisions were killed in action, the Armenian news agency ARMENPRESS reported. The Syrian militants have arrived to Azerbaijan through Turkish territory.

Below is a list of the divisions and losses: al-Sharqiya rebel group – 19 militants; Hamza Division – 4 militants; 51rd Division – 9 militants; Jaysh al-Nukhba group – 11 militants; Levant Front – 22 militants; Al Furqan Brigade – 33 militants, and; Al-Mutasim Division – 6 militants. The Artsakh military’s countermeasures destroyed 4 Azeri attacking helicopters, 27 UAVs, 36 tanks and armored personnel vehicles, 2 engineering armored vehicles and 11 armored equipment. Around 200 Azerbaijani attacking troops were killed in action. The Artsakh military said on September 28 that a total of 31 Artsakhi troops were killed in action. 

In the early morning of September 27, the Azerbaijani military launched a massive attack on Artsakh using air force, missiles and tanks.  The Azerbaijani artillery strikes targeted civilian settlements, including Stepanakert city, which resulted in several civilians being killed. Schools were also bombed. A mother and her child were killed in Martuni, Artsakh. Many other civilians were wounded.

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