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Biden's Foreign Policy Goals Face Curbs From GOP

President Biden will confront new challenges in advancing his global agenda following the midterm elections, as Republican gains are expected to deepen congressional skepticism about US support for Ukraine, Missy Ryan and Yaasmeen Abutaleb reported for The Washington Post.

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The GOP lawmakers are expected to renew scrutiny of America’s posture abroad and initiate polarizing probes into his handling of Afghanistan and immigration.

While Democrats have retained their majority in the Senate, Republican control of the House has the potential to constrain Biden’s ability to achieve key foreign policy goals, including his intent to continue providing high levels of aid for Ukraine in the war against Russia.

An incident this week in Poland foreshadowed the debates to come, with a segment of the GOP demanding an end to US support after two people died in an explosion that Western officials think was caused, unintentionally, by the Ukrainians.

Analysts said those pressures will be tempered, both by Republican divisions on that topic and the president’s broad authority in foreign affairs.

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Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, said substantial bipartisan agreement on some issues, including a desire to take a hawkish stance on China, would blunt the impact on Biden of Republicans’ ascendancy in the elections.

He said last week’s polls — which largely defied fears of electoral violence or the immediate rejections of results — would help allay American allies troubled by recent tumult in US politics.

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“The good news,” Haass said, “… is that it shows that, at least to a degree, American democracy is not on life support. That’s a reassuring message to our friends.”

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