• By The Financial District


Joe Biden said in his ABC town hall that he will reverse the Trump administration executive orders that a questioner described as “dangerous and discriminatory,” an issue never before tackled in any presidential debate. 

Unfurling an old yarn, Biden told the story of seeing two men, “well-dressed,” kissing one another while he was with his father many years ago. “My dad turned to me,” Biden recalled. “He said, ‘Joey, it’s simple. They love each other.’” Biden then returned to the present day and declared, “There should be zero discrimination.” 

“There is no reason to suggest that there should be any right denied to your daughter,” Biden said, “that your other daughter has a right to be and do. None. Zero,” Gregory Krieg of CNN reported. 

The former vice president also noted that his late son Beau Biden, who served as Delaware’s attorney general, backed the state's first transgender rights law. “I’m proud of that,” Biden said.