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Bolivian lawmakers run the risk of being imprisoned if they do not abide by the ultimatum issued by the military for them to approve a series of promotions in the military.

Freddy Morales, the TeleSUR correspondent in La Paz, reported on Sunday, May 24, 2020, that the de facto government minister, Arturo Murillo, "supports and joins the threats from the High Command of the FFAA against the Senate."

Morales said that last Thursday the military commanders went to the Legislative headquarters and “gave (an) ultimatum to be approved for promotions. Murillo threatens to imprison legislators."

The military played a key role in the ouster of Bolivian President Evo Morales and his exile to Mexico.

In statements to the Bolivian media, Murillo maintained that the Legislative Assembly "is committing a serious crime, they have breached their duties ... they only have to approve promotions, they do not have to review anything, only approve… and must know that they are feasible to a trial for breach of duties, and they have jail. Be careful, the senators do not have diplomatic immunity, be careful that tomorrow they are in jail and that they say it is political persecution.”