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John Bolton’s tell-all book, “The Room Where It Happened,” has exposed President Trump’s direct plea to Chinese President Xi Jinping last year to help him win the November 3, 2020 election by buying US far products and urged him to continue building concentration camps for the detention of Uyghur Muslims “because it was the right thing to do.”

In a report for CNN, Zachary Cohen, Jeremy Herb, Jennifer Hansler, Katelyn Polantz and Vivian Salama wrote early on June 18, 2020 said Trump also asked for China’s help in investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, just as he had asked Russia in his 2016 campaign to find the “missing” 30,000 emails of Hillary Clinton.

Peter Baker of the New York Times said Bolton claimed that Democrats missed other instances of Trump’s corruption as when he curried favor with Turkey, Russia, North Korea and other countries and the impeachment trial should not have focused on Ukraine. CNN wrote that Bolton claimed Trump offered to help Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2018 with a Justice Department investigation into a Turkish bank that had ties to Erdogan and was under a probe, saying he would "take care of things," saying that the Southern District of New York prosecutors on the case were "Obama people" and would be replaced by "his people."

In a separate analysis, Elie Hoenig of CNN slammed Bolton for being a “coward” and refusing to testify during the impeachment in order to preserve his $2-milion book deal with Simon & Schuster. He botched it and he has no right to criticize those who impeached Trump. For his part, Trump called Bolton a “liar” and the comment comes from a President who has uttered more than 18,000 lies since 2016. Mary Lea Trump, the President's niece is also coming up with a book to detail how Donald Trump oppressed her family and denied her late father, Fred Trump Jr., the medical care he needed as he grappled with alcoholism. She admitted being the source of Trump's tax documents that the New York Times is running a series on Trump's dubious wealth. Another book written by Mary Jordan tackles Melania Trump and claims that Melania refused to come to Washington D. C. to join Donald at the White House until her prenuptial deal with her husband is renegotiated. Melania, she concludes, is the female version of Donald Trump.