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For the past 15 years, Bonner Dytoc has been showing the ropes to interested stock market investors demystifying the ins and outs of technical analysis and allowing the participants to his boot camp a better handle on what is bruited as the best investment option one can have.

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The stock market has been far ahead of other investment options such as time deposits in banks, bonds, commodities, currencies and even real estate especially now with the pandemic that is roaring all over the globe and to be ahead of the game, one has to know the esoteric items such as moving averages and candlesticks that can be charted after three sessions in Bonner’s seminars on technical analysis.

Getting the feel of the trading patterns of individual shares and the overall stock market action is what technical analysis can give to interested investors. Charting the pattern based on trades of a particular stock, one can have a better picture of what is going to happen especially the support levels of the shares so that one can have a distinct advantage in his/her investments in the stock market.

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Bonner, who was introduced to the stock market in the IPO craze for Petron in 1994 where everybody wanted to ride in on what was then considered the best investment. The IPO was so hot that the company had to downsize the IPO allotments of individual investors and for Bonner, it opened to him new opportunities after making a handsome profit.

“I got into stocks when I was forced by my father to buy the IPO of Petron back in 1994. I really didn’t understand how stocks worked at that time as when I saw the action in the old Makati Stock Exchange, it was total chaos to me. However, the big gains from the IPO attracted me and made me understand how the market works. I’ve never stopped trading since, Bonner told The Financial District.

Actually, after that Petron experience, Bonner became a broker a year later with Angping Securities where he stayed for seven years and also played the US market, but it was in championing the value of Technical Analysis that consumed him. It was this passion that led him to do the seminars to let the participants understand the stock market better.

To his chagrin, he found out that the stock market had pitfalls especially in the hyping up of individual stocks that later bombed resulting in losses for those who fell prey to the hype-and-dump protocol that unwittingly lure individual investors.

Thus, he thought of having the seminars on Technical Analysis after learning all about it, having devoured all he needed to learn about this great investment tool in stock market investments.

“It’s a given that there are a lot of people who want to make money from stocks but majority are being led astray from different stock market groups by its admins when they hype up a stock and these people get stuck,” Bonner said.

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“Knowing that technical analysis works and the chart doesn’t lie, I decided to teach people on how to use it properly since there were many brokers who also “conducted” seminars about this but used it more as a marketing tool to entice investors to open accounts with them rather than educating the clients,” he added.

Bonner, who has a degree in BA in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines, said that he has taught Technical Analysis almost every week and is a much-sought analyst on the market, the latest with ANC last week where he explained possibilities based on what can be read in the charts.

He is happy at the turn of events ever since he started the Technical Analysis boot camps. “Many students come out understanding the charts better and have applied it to various markets like forex or even cryptocurrency,” he said.

“I believe that if they educate themselves first before plunging into any financial market, they won’t experience an immediate loss in their account and get discouraged from trading,” he added.

Asked about his future plans, Bonner said that in five to ten years, “I would still be trading and teaching those who want to learn technical analysis. The chart can show us where it’s more likely to go than what rumors or speculation would. The chart can also show us if it’s in line with what others are expecting or it’s contrary to what they’re claiming.”

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Bonner said that “surprisingly, the stock market performed much better than expected. The economy is a different story as we see different shops close. Both big and small businesses are affected. Maybe when many people are vaccinated and the side effects are minimal, then can we see signs of things going back to the way they were before the pandemic set in.”

He also believes that the market’s performance is all tied to the vaccine that many will get. If the vaccines are effective with minimal side effects then that’s what we’re all hoping for.

Asked what the charts say for now, he said that there may be a break of 6800 points and in the medium term, the PSE index will range trade probably between 6500 and 7500. As for the long term prospects and given the performance “we can see it test the all-time high and maybe go up to 10,000 points.”

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