Ivanka Trump was involved in a power struggle with First Lady Melania Trump in the early days of the Trump administration, according to a new book, “Art of her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump” by Mary Jordan.

The story, published in the Washington Post, shows the animosity that exists between the two Trumps and betrays a power-tripping clash between the two women.

While Melania stayed in NYC to renegotiate her prenup with the president, Ivanka Trump sought to move her offices into the East Wing, the residence of the First Lady, according to the excerpt, Tom Porter wrote for Business Insider late on June 14, 2020.

While Melania Trump has kept a relatively low profile during her husband's presidency, Ivanka Trump has played a prominent role in her father's administration. Ivanka, in an abortive bid for power in the early days of her father's presidency, sought to rename the First Lady's office in the White House, the "First Family's office," but Melania Trump blocked the move.