• By The Financial District


The Boston Globe has urged Congress to take a cue from Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s evasiveness during the Senate confirmation hearing and immediately protect health care, reproductive rights and the U.S. elections since it is obvious that Barrett would scuttle their defenses.

In an editorial, Boston Globe said Barrett didn’t invent the art of judicial nominees giving evasive answers at Senate confirmation hearings. That has been par for the course since Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork’s ill-fated hearings, in 1987. “But Barrett’s refusal to clearly answer Senate Judiciary Committee members’ questions about her views on crucial issues that affect Americans’ lives — including health care, reproductive rights, and voting rights — makes it clear that too much is at stake to rely on these performative guessing games,” it stressed.

The editorial said Barrett is right that “policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by and accountable to the people.” Indeed, Congress can and must act to protect essential rights and services rather than leaving them vulnerable to the ideological shifts of the unelected members of the nation’s highest court.

Curiously, Barrett failed to include the right to protest as among the rights protected by the First Amendment and she refused to explicit criticize Trump’s plan to pardon himself, insisted Rove vs Wade was not a “super-precedent” etched in stone and did not categorically state she would recuse herself from participating in hearings should the fate of the 2020 presidential election be thrown to the Supreme Court, as what Trump contemplates. As Raw Story reported on October 15, 2020, Barrett was part of the legal team that won the case of George Bush against Al Gore in the questionable count in Florida in 2000. Her colleagues in the case were Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.