• By The Financial District


Brazil's Trade Union Network UniSaude filed a complaint in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Jair Bolsonaro for crimes against humanity and genocide during the COVID-19 crisis, teleSurreported on July 27, 2020 (July 28 in Manila.)

"Bolsonaro's management of the pandemic has been criminal and negligent. He has risked the lives of health professionals and the people," UniSaude said. As of Monday, Brazil recorded 2,419,091 COVID-19 infections and 87,004 deaths. Among the infected people, 195,516 are health workers.

Despite testing COVID-19 positive, the far-right politician refuses to take preventive measures to protect citizens. He has also been seen greeting his supporters without wearing a mask, promoting meetings, and minimizing the pandemic's impact in the country. On Saturday, after learning that he had already overcome the disease, Bolsonaro drove his motorcycle without a mask around the Alvorada Palace.

UniSaude has also condemned the fact that Brazil has been without a health minister for over two months. Since the last health minister resigned from office in May, the inexperienced General Eduardo Pazuello has temporarily occupied this position. "Brazil's situation is extremely serious, and this has happened because of Bolsonaro's unreliable decisions," UniSaude said. "Our accusation shows the people's pain and concern about the health crisis," nurse Jhuliana Rodrigues added.