Hundreds of Oklahoma healthcare professionals have signed a letter urging the mayor of Tulsa to cancel President Donald Trump's massive indoor campaign rally on Saturday (Sunday, June 21, 2020 in Manila) over concerns that the gathering of tens of thousands will provoke a surge in coronavirus infections, Eliza Relman wrote for Business Insider on June 18, 2020.

Dr. Jabraan Pasha, an internal-medicine physician at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center in Tulsa, wrote the letter and passed it around to colleagues as Oklahoma's COVID-19 infections have spiked in the wake of the state's reopening. "Allowing our city to be one of the first places in the world to host an indoor gathering of this magnitude is not a political matter, it is a public health matter," the letter said. "As our city and state COVID-19 numbers climb at a rate previously unseen, it is unthinkable that this is seen as a logical choice."

Dr. Monica Saenz, an intensive-care physician at Tulsa's St. John Medical Center, wrote in a comment that she has "personally seen now close to 50 patients die a horrible death from Covid-19." We simply don't have the capacity to handle the number of people who will be infected because of this weekend's activities, she added. "Please make the right decision. Say NO to Trump's rally."

Dr. Melanie Phillips, an emergency-medicine physician, said: "We will be overwhelmed. It will be disastrous." The director of Tulsa's Health Department, Dr. Bruce Dart, said this week that he was "very, very concerned" about the impact of the rally and has repeatedly urged the state's political leaders to cancel or postpone the event. "It hurts my heart to think about the aftermath of what's going to happen," Dart told a meeting of the Tulsa Public Schools board on Monday, Public Radio Tulsa reported.