• By The Financial District


Beijing’s ambassador to London has warned Britain against stationing a new aircraft carrier in the Pacific, arguing it would be a very dangerous move, in a newspaper interview published Saturday.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s top envoy in the UK, told The Times that as London cuts trading ties with the European Union (EU) later this year, it should not “gang up with the US on the Chinese” with military deployments.

“After Brexit I think the UK still wants to play an important role in the world,” he told the paper. “That is not the way to play an important role.” The Times reported this week UK military planners have hatched plans to station the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier in the Pacific as part of an international alliance to counter China.

The $3.9 billion vessel is due to set sail on her maiden deployment next year, on a tour that includes the region amid concerns over freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. But the possibility of basing the carrier there more permanently comes as tensions between London and Beijing are rising over a host of issues, and as US-China relations also deteriorate markedly, the Agence France Presse (AFP) also reported.