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China is mulling amendments to its Law on National Defense amid profound changes in the world over the past two decades by adding key formulations, including threats to the country's global interests as reasons for defense mobilization. 

With China's development interests growing alongside the country's peaceful development, it has more and more overseas interests, including strategic transport lanes and Chinese citizens overseas and investments, which could be vulnerable to terrorism, regional instabilities as well as hostile attacks and lockdowns, with the proposed law amendments aiming to work in tandem with military reform to ensure China's development and growing interests around the world have the backing of defense forces when needed, analysts told Liu Xuanzun and Liu Caiyu of the state-backed Global Times

The amendment draft to the Law on National Defense was released on the website of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Wednesday, soliciting opinions from the general public from Wednesday to November 19, after the draft was deliberated by the NPC Standing Committee at a plenary session in Beijing. General Wei Fenghe, a Central Military Commission (CMC) member, a State Councilor and the Minister of National Defense, explained the draft in detail, media reported. 

Wei said that the current Law on National Defense, which came into effect in 1997, cannot fully adapt to new missions and the requirements for the development of national defense and the Chinese military; therefore, it needs to be amended. The world's strategic situation has undergone profound changes over the last 20 years, as the world has seen international strategic competition on the rise, continually increasing global and regional security issues, non-stop armed conflicts and regional warfare, and increasingly obvious instability and uncertainty in international security, Wei said. In short, changes to the law would expand the scope of China military, air and naval forces to cover flash points in Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia and even Africa, where it maintains a military base.