Noted public intellectual Noam Chomsky has warned that US President Donald Trump and masters of capital want an even harsher post-COVID-19 world and claimed that Trump is set on a purge of the US military command “to ensure faithful obedience to the aspiring tin-pot dictator in the event of an international or domestic crisis of his making.”

Interviewed by C. J. Polychroniou of Truthout on July 1, 2020,  Chomsky said they are hard at work “to ensure that the system they created, and from which they have greatly benefited, will endure — and in an even harsher form, with more intense surveillance and other means of coercion and control.”

Chomsky added: “Popular forces are mobilizing to counter these malign developments. They seek to dismantle the destructive policies that have led us to this uniquely perilous moment of human history, and to move toward a world system that gives priority to human rights and needs, not the prerogatives of concentrated capital.”

“We should take a few moments to clarify to ourselves the stakes in the bitter class war that is taking shape as the post-pandemic world is being forged. The stakes are immense. All are rooted in the suicidal logic of unregulated capitalism, and at a deeper level in its very nature, all becoming more apparent during the neoliberal plague of the past 40 years. The crises have been exacerbated by malignancies that have surfaced as these destructive tendencies took their course. The most ominous are appearing in the most powerful state in human history — not a good omen for a world in crisis,” Chomsky concluded.