• By The Financial District


Azerbaijan resumed offensive operations, the Armenian news agency ARMENPRESS reported, and military officers warn the Azeri forces might use more warplanes.

‘’The Azerbaijani armed forces resumed offensive operations from early morning, particularly in the northern and southern directions,’’ Armenia said, and they used heavy artillery and infantry even as fewer armored vehicles were deployed.

‘’The losses of the Azerbaijani armed forces are quite big, particularly in terms of manpower. During the day they also used air forces, which recorded no serious success,” the Armenian defense ministry said. Armenia admitted 555 military casualties and estimated that the Azeri had lost 5,500 soldiers, including mercenaries from Libya flown in by Turkey.

Armenia also released the recording of a conversation between Syrian mercenaries named Abu Ismail and Abu Hassan who complained about being mistreated by the Azeris. “Honest to God, our squad is gone, and now they are forcing us to advance again,” one tells the other, mentioning that they have many victims and that the Azeri military is using them as a human shield. “Sometimes these Azeris don’t feed us, many of our guys have been wounded, these [expletive deleted] don’t send them back and dump them to die so that they wouldn’t pay them,” one of the mercenaries says. “Listen, we also haven’t been paid at all. They want us to take pictures of dead Armenians in order to pay us,” the other replies. The dead bodies of the mercenaries are shipped to Turkey, he said.