• By The Financial District


A global association of airlines is urging governments to quickly prepare for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to avoid severe transportation problems, according to NHK World  News.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) comprises about 290 airlines. In a statement released on Wednesday, it said vaccinations may not reach all countries because the number of flights has been drastically reduced.

It said, "Just providing a single dose to 7.8 billion people would fill 8,000 747 cargo aircraft."

The association cites the need for special measures, such as prioritizing flights carrying shipments and exempting crew from quarantine requirements.

It says governments must consider the diminished cargo capacity of the global air transport network, and warned that airlines are unable to immediately mobilize many aircraft.

Alexandre de Juniac, the association's Director General and CEO, said "Safely delivering COVID-19 vaccines will be the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry."

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