• By The Financial District


Amber Phillips of the Washington Post has argued that COVID-19 is shaping the presidential race and illustrates that in the case of Wisconsin, US President Donald Trump’s dismissing its seriousness has caused Joe Biden’s lead to nearly triple.

“A month ago, Democratic nominee Joe Biden was leading President Trump in Wisconsin. A Washington Post-ABC News poll found his lead to be about six points. That was significant, but not so big that Trump couldn’t close the gap,” Phillips wrote. “The newest version of that poll finds that Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin is now 17 points. How come?”

Over the past month, coronavirus infections have risen in Wisconsin, so much so that the state’s governor has been pleading with people to stay apart. That new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that 70 percent of voters there said they are very or somewhat concerned about themselves or their family members getting the virus.

Even if the new poll is an outlier and Biden’s lead in Wisconsin isn’t quite 17 points, it seems to have captured that his lead is growing in a state that was one of the keys to victory for Trump four years ago. And there’s a pretty direct correlation between Trump’s sinking in Wisconsin and the pandemic worsening there.