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Death Of 5 Russian Generals Shatters Control Of Invading Troops

A British lawmaker has claimed that the loss of five major generals in Ukraine, about 20% of the generals sent to capture Kyiv, has rendered Russian control over their troops to be "non-existent," Ebun Hargrave reported for the UK’s Daily Express.

Photo Insert: A Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian army

Member of Parliament (MP) Tom Tugendhat, who also chairs the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said only Russian artillery has been hitting civilian targets. The Conservative politician criticized the Russian army calling them "rubbish" for showing bad infantry tactics.

Tugendhat said the long-range missile attacks in Mariupol that have been killing innocent children prove that Russian soldiers don’t want to fight at all.

Tugendhat told TalkRadio: "Yes I mean the element of the Russian army that's working is the artillery. So they can fire long-range attacks and destroy civilian shelters and kill children. That they can do relatively easily, what they can't do is lead complex attacks using infantry tactics and so on. And that suggests that Russian command and control is either non-existent or completely degraded.”

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Tugendhat added: "You know the idea that you have a two-star general in the frontline able to be killed. To me, that tells me that you clearly don't trust your lieutenants. You don't trust your, Captains, you don't trust your majors, you don't trust your lieutenant colonels or your brigadiers. Which means you don't trust your entire officer class effectively, to lead an attack."

Tugendhat added: "A general has to go forward and do it, now that really tells me your army's rubbish.”

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