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On Thursday, teachers in two different California towns are preparing for the start of the school year in different ways, according to KCRA 3 News.

In Woodland, teachers sounded off outside the school district office saying that they want.

“We should be respected and trusted enough as professional educators,” said Jen Drewek Shilen. “If we can do our jobs from home, we can create a more stable schooling environment for our students because we’ll be safer.”

Shilen is the president of the teachers’ union Woodland Education Association. She organized the socially distanced protest along Sixth Street after teachers received an email from the district that they are expected to return to campus and teach from their classrooms for distance learning.

Some teachers have health concerns.

“My mom is 85 years old and has a health condition and I go and take care of her regularly,” said second-grade teacher Tracy Yust. “So for me, being around other people who, I don’t know what precautions they are taking, is just putting me at a risk I’m not willing to take.”

Other teachers have day care concerns.

“Who’s going to look after our own kids while we’re sitting in the school building?” said elementary school teacher Braden Paule.

Meanwhile, some students agree that teachers should have the ability to choose.

“Whatever that environment that works best for them is what I think would be best for us as well,” said high school senior Lexi Johnson.

Mother Vanessa Guerrero agreed.

“I don’t want the teachers getting sick. If they get sick, then there’s nobody to teach my child,” she said.

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