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The Justice Department is suing Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, an ex-friend and former adviser to first lady Melania Trump, claiming she breached a confidentiality agreement by publishing a tell-all book, according to a lawsuit filed in the Washington, DC, District Court.

The complaint asserts that Wolkoff violated a nondisclosure agreement and asks for profits from the book to be secured in a government trust. It also says that the first lady, her chief of staff and the White House counsel's office received a draft of the book from Wolkoff. She also did not seek authorization to disclose details of her work for the first lady, Maegan Vazquez reported for CNN.

Wolkoff told CNN in a statement she "will not be deterred by these bullying tactics" and added: "The President and First Lady's use of the US Department of Justice to silence me is a violation of my First Amendment Rights and a blatant abuse of the government to pursue their own personal interests and goals." She argued that "I fulfilled all of the terms of the Gratuitous Service Agreement and the confidentiality provisions ended when the White House terminated the agreement. With the publication of my book, 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with The First Lady,' I have exercised my right to free expression." The filing was first reported by Reuters.

Wolkoff's book, "Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady," details the fallout from Wolkoff's working and personal relationship with Melania Trump, including private conversations between the two. Wolkoff, a former Vogue magazine staffer who oversaw high-dollar events, had known Melania Trump for more than a decade when she was hired to organize the planning of President Donald Trump's inauguration. She was also Trump's first hire for the East Wing, acting as senior adviser to the first lady, writing speeches and helping craft what would become the "Be Best" platform.

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