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The international edition of The Economist has scored the superpower rivalry between China and the US for the highly-charged atmosphere on the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA), with Taiwan, which has suffered only 7 fatalities from the COVID-19 pandemic, out of the meeting and the US insisting on cutting its funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) while China pledged to deliver $2 billion in two years, or roughly $1 billion annually for the United Nations (U.N.) agency that is funded $6 billion a year.

In its article “America and China take their rivalry to the World Health Organization on May 18, 2020, the London-based The Economist said 2020 edition of the WHA departs from its 1948 edition, when Dr. Andrija Stampar, said in the first assembly that the effort to create the World Health Organization (WHO) was “never impaired by any important disharmony.”

“The geopolitical battle has ensnared the WHO just when it is supposed to be coordinating the response to the coronavirus. America has halted some $400m of funding to the WHO pending an investigation into accusations that it failed to investigate China's covid-19 outbreak promptly. America also accuses the organization of being ‘China-centric,’” the 177-year-old magazine stressed.

“America-centric would be more accurate. The agency is stuffed with American experts from the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, and many others. Moreover, America is the biggest financial contributor to the agency by far. China, for its part, is tightly vetting the research that its scientists are allowed to publish on COVID-19,” The Economist explained.

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