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The new inverted classroom structure helps students become topical experts.

EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces a new Self-Directed Learning initiative to shift the way academic institutions go about creating AR and VR lessons.

Self-Directed Learning is the next evolution of the Classroom 3.0 movement, which embraces active learning to become experts in various subjects. With nearly 1.6 billion children and millions of educators forced to switch to online classes during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the need for quick and easy content creation is more pressing than ever before. Although immersive lessons can be designed in just a few minutes using the AVR Platform, many teachers no longer have the time to sit down at their computer to craft detailed new lessons for each topic after a full day of leading online classes.

“Through Self-Directed Learning, a school of 3,000 students can quickly develop 30,000 lessons. The ability to create and maintain high-quality AR and VR lessons has never been more necessary, and this new initiative is a big step in achieving our goal in making lessons of all types available for everyone through the AVR Platform.” Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality said.

With Self-Directed Learning, instructors can simply give the students a set of subjects and parameters to create a lesson as part of their assignment — allowing students to learn a specific subject as they design the interactive experience about it. By taking the pressure of creation off of the teacher and turning it into a part of the students’ education, classes and schools will never have to worry about running out of AR and VR lessons to work on. Additionally, the multi-user features of the AVR Platform motivate students to share and undertake peer learning, review, and assessment.

Combined with the recent announcement of the new Remote AVR packages and removal of the paywall on the AVR Platform as a means to assist schools, governments, and businesses struggling through this difficult time, EON Reality is hoping to combat the negative experiences people are currently having with remote learning and training. Statistics show that only 25% of students and teachers find online teaching as effective as its classroom equivalent, and the average person begins to lose interest in a video lecture in approximately 6 minutes.

As EON Reality’s Chief Learning Officer, Peter Looker, pointed out in his note about Self-Directed Learning, two of the biggest benefits of the new initiative directly combat that issue. The engagement and immersion that come with creating and using AR and VR lessons can transform online learning into a much more effective medium for students and teachers alike. Just because classes cannot meet in person doesn’t mean that the interaction and education gained from the traditional classroom experience can’t be replicated in a digital environment.

In addition to the direct improvements for the educators and pupils creating the lessons, Self-Directed Learning will also benefit the millions of users of EON Reality’s industry-leading AVR Library. Academic professionals and experts will periodically review and import the top lessons created by students and add them to the expansive library for users around the world to incorporate into their existing curricula — increasing both the number of subjects and languages with full, comprehensive courses available on the AVR Platform.

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