Europe is abandoning the U.S., all because of President Trump’s grievous mistakes in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and his plan to control the vaccine market, led by his move to secure the patent to a cure being developed in Germany.

In an analysis written by Adam Bienkov for the Asia Times on May 20, 2020, he said that 76% of Germans in a new poll said their view of America had deteriorated because of the crisis. Roughly equal numbers of Germans in the poll favored maintaining close relationships with China and the US in a head-to-head matchup, with 37% of Germans said it was more important to maintain close relations with the US, compared to 36% who said the same of China, which represents a big drop from a poll last year, when 50% of Germans said maintaining US relations was the priority, compared with just 24% who said China should be given priority.

To make matters worse for the US, one poll last week showed only 2% of French people trusted Trump to provide world leadership, an indication that Trump has abetted the gradual disintegration of US leadership in the global community.

Bienkov noted that a poll in the UK also found a deterioration in Britain's view of the US since the pandemic began, with 35% of Britons saying Europe should be the priority, compared with just 13% who said the US. That's a net shift of 6 percentage points toward Europe since early November and came despite Britain's exit from the European Union in January. #COVID19