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A Hong Kong pro-democracy activist and former lawmaker who is visiting Denmark said he is going into exile and will soon move to Britain, Mainichi Shimbun reported.

"I hereby announce that I will go into exile and will withdraw my membership in the Democratic Party of Hong Kong to leave Hong Kong," Ted Hui said in a statement to the Associated Press (AP.) "There is no word to explain my pain and it's hard to hold back tears."

It was not clear when he would travel to Britain which, in response to a crackdown on opposition in Hong Kong, has extended residency rights for up to 3 million Hong Kongers eligible for British National Overseas passports, allowing them to live and work there for five years.

"My personal determination is that my exile will not be a migration. My only home is Hong Kong which is why I will not apply for asylum in any country," Hui said. "I will wait for the day that I can go home with the bells of freedom ringing in a free Hong Kong. Until my last breath I will fight to the end. Revive Hong Kong, revolution now!" He added: "I will continue to fight on aboard and will make it my life mission to widen Hong Kong's international battle front with people like Nathan Law in the UK," Hui said.

In July, another democracy activist, Nathan Law, left Hong Kong after testifying in a US congressional hearing about a tough new security law imposed by mainland China on the semi-autonomous territory. At first, he declined to disclose his whereabouts for safety but later appeared in London.