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Expert Says Defeat Devices In Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Cut Emission Rates

Automotive software expert Felix Domke has slammed the Stuttgart-based Daimler Group for installing eight defeat devices in its luxury cars to fraudulently reduce emission rates.

Photo Insert: The company has long denied the use of defeat devices to cut emissions.

Domke made the claim in a report that Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) presented to the public in detail, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) reported. Domke documented a total of eight previously unknown defeat devices in a Mercedes-Benz Euro 6 E-Class diesel car on behalf of the US law firm Milberg.

In DUH's view, these clearly illegal so-called “defeat devices” reduce the effective purification of exhaust gases by the SCR catalytic converter. The result: the actual nitrogen oxide emissions on the road are up to 500 percent above the legally prescribed limit value.


Until now, Daimler AG has always denied using illegal defeat devices in diesel cars sold in Germany and Europe.

“The expert report by Felix Domke finally proves that Daimler is guilty. It shows us for the first time how the company succeeds in complying with the legal limits in the test laboratory, while literally flooding our cities with harmful nitrogen oxides during real road use. The manipulation of the exhaust gas purification is not carried out because it is necessary for physical reasons or for the purpose of engine protection. The reason is as simple as it is cynical: it is about maximizing profits at the expense of the environment and the health of city residents,” said DUH national director Jürgen Resch.

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“We demand from the new federal government that all diesel vehicles with defeat devices in the exhaust gas purification system are either decommissioned or repaired via an official recall at the expense of the manufacturers, as is the case in the US. The World Health Organization recently called for the nitrogen dioxide limit to be lowered from an annual average of 40 to 10 µg/m3. To do this, all illegal diesel exhaust sources must be targeted - action must finally be taken,” Resch argued.

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