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Fire Razes Moscow Power Station After 12 Fires Hit Military Facilities

A huge explosion rocked a substation in the Russian region of Zhukovsky on Saturday, burning the entire facility, the 13th “random fire: to hit Russia in the past two weeks, Ebun Hargrave reported for the UK’s Daily Express.

Photo Insert: Zhukovskiy, Moscow Oblast, Russia

A transformer substation converts bulk electrical power into local power grids, and it is currently unknown if the fire was an accident or not. The Russian media who confirmed the blaze have not indicated the cause of the fire.

The footage shows, a thick dense cloud of black smoke engulfing the electrical substation. Through the heavy black smoke, red and orange spiking flames can be seen burning.

There were no fire services on the ground at the time of filming to put out the flames as they raged on. The fire appears to be contained to the transformer substation and cars appear to carry on driving past the destruction.

Kyiv resident Anders Östlund wrote sarcastically on Twitter: "Russia continues to be hit by random accidents."

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

One user @Abnyn1 said: "Targeting transformer substations and natural gas pipelines within Russia should be the highest priority for the resistance. These are extremely important modern infrastructure that is largely unprotected all over Russia."

@Envail_Henrik said: "In a large country with lots of corruption, these accidents will happen. Not so sure the war has much to do with it. Public interest in these accidents is probably higher due to the war though."

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