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French students have clashed with police in front of a high school near Paris, in what authorities have described as "intolerable" attacks, according to a Euronews report.

The violence broke out in Compiègne (Oise), north of the French capital, after a police patrol had been alerted to rubbish bin fires.

Videos on social media showed a group of youths surrounding an abandoned police car outside the Lycee Mireille Grenet school and trying to overturn it.

Compiègne police commissioner Pierrick Boulet said that "between 50 and 80" people targeted a police vehicle before the situation was calmed.

Four people have been arrested, and the local police department said on Twitter that "significant and inadmissible material damage" had been caused.

One firefighter also suffered minor injuries to the forearm after being hit by mortar fire while trying to extinguish a burning rubbish bin. The individual was taken to a local hospital.

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