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The word "collabo" was painted on the headquarters in Paris of the French Communist Party (PCF), an act attributed to the far right by the PCF national secretary Fabien Roussel, the news outlet Le Point reported. 

"We are attacked by the descendants of the Nazis, the far right French, " Fabien Roussel told Agence France-Press (AFP), judging particularly "shameful that we are attacking the Communist Party, which was very present in the Resistance and which paid dearly for its fight against the Nazi occupiers.” 

"I reaffirm that we will always be present to defend republican values ​​and to oppose all forms of fascism that still exist in the world today," he also told AFP, adding that the PCF was going to file a complaint. Roussel noted that this tag was inscribed two days after the anniversary of the death of the resistance communist Guy Môquet, on October 22, 1941, which the PCF commemorates each year. 

"Support for communist friends in the face of this abject and cowardly aggression," commented the boss of the Greens Julien Bayou, while the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon attacked "calls to lynching the left by the #FN and #LREM.” Her colleague Clémentine Autin, for her part, considered that "the dikes are blowing and the filthy is pouring out. We are sinking into Orwellian madness: 'war is peace' and 'the communists are collaborators' ... Total support for the Communist Party and its spirit of resistance," she added.

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