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Havana has scored the first nights of the Republican National Convention (RNC) as a venue for slanders, lies, and manipulations about Cuba's historic achievements under its socialist revolution.

In a story carried by teleSUR on August 27, 2020 (August 28, 2020 in Manila), Cuba said the convention featured two highly politicized and slanderous speeches by Miami oil business mogul Maximo Alvarez and Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez—both of Cuban descent—that likened Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's moderate platform with the revolutionary political thought and practice of Fidel Castro.

“In doing so, the Republican Party—longtime defenders of the U.S. blockade on Cuba—sought to demonize its Democratic contender, deface the tangible achievements of Cuba's socialist revolution for the poor and working-class worldwide, and mobilize the conservative Cuban-American base in hotly contested South Florida,” Cuba told teleSUR.

“Alvarez, who came to the US under the guise of the Peter Pan Operation in 1961, owns Sunshine Gasoline Distributors in Miami, which supplies retail and wholesale fuel to 515 Florida gas stations, controlling 360 of them.

On the first night of the convention, Alvarez stoked the flames of anti-communism in referring to Biden's platform: ‘Those false promises -- spread the wealth, free education, free healthcare, defund the police, trust a socialist state more than your family and community -- they don't sound radical to my ears. They sound familiar,’" he roared. Nuñez, daughter of Cuban immigrants, former health care executive and Florida state legislator, gave a similarly anti-Cuban speech to the Convention, claiming that the US "will never become a socialist country" after spreading various lies, for example, that Cuban Revolution "abolished religious freedom," "stole peoples' farms" and "doesn't offer opportunity" to its people.

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