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Many students across the country are learning from home. Having one's home become a school creates challenges for both students and parents, but experts say there are ways to make the experience as good as possible for everyone involved.

KCRA 3 News said that Anne Crossman, CEO and founder of HomeSchoolExpert.com, says parents should start with the curriculum and be flexible.

"Identify what are their student's learning needs and what are their family needs during this time in terms of work schedule, budget or timing," said Crossman.

She says it is also important to develop some sort of homeschool community, whether that is online or in a safe in-person setting abiding by coronavirus guidelines.

"So they have access to resources and friendships and support and a whole bunch of ways to get encouragement in the process of homeschooling," said Crossman.

Crossman has four children and homeschooled them all. She recommends finding a place in your home that is dedicated for learning, whether your student is learning remotely or homeschooling.

"We do all of our learning around the kitchen table," she said. "And it's as simple as taking a few steps like building a morning routine, where we bring the baskets to the table. We have a morning meeting and that kind of sets the kids up to recognize that we are switching out of home mode into school mode."

Students aren't the only ones who might struggle with certain subjects. There are resources and experts to help parents who need a little refresher and you simply need to reach out.

Crossman says there are three items she urges all parents to have at home to help with schooling: a laminator, white board and markers, and printer.

No matter which learning model children are in, Crossman has some encouragement and advice for parents.

"In this time of COVID when parents are worried: am I doing the right thing? Am I going to wreck my child? I want to encourage them to say, you can do this. The resources are there. You can do this."

To find more advice and resources, go to homeschoolexpert.com.

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