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Huawei’s New Phone Has Advanced Chips

Huawei Technologies' silence over details of the advanced semiconductor that powers its new Mate 60 Pro flagship smartphone has become the subject of intense speculation, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

Huawei's Mate 60 Pro flagship smartphone

Three theories have been advanced to explain it. First is that China's top chip maker SMIC made the chip for Huawei.

This is the most plausible explanation. Based on tests conducted on the smartphone, the Chinese benchmarking website AnTuTu identified the central processing unit (CPU) in the Mate 60 Pro as the Kirin 9000s from Huawei's chip design unit HiSilicon.

Second is that Huawei has produced the chip using its own supply network. Bloomberg, citing the Washington-based Semiconductor Industry Association, said Huawei has been building up a secret chipmaking supply chain via existing foundries to help it skirt US export controls.

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Third is that Huawei dipped into its own inventory of chips for the new phone. This means that the chips in Huawei's new phone are from inventory and were manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

(TSMC) before September 2020 when the US doubled down on sanctions to inflict a blanket ban on Huawei and all its subsidiaries' access to advanced chips.

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TSMC relies on US core technology to produce silicon wafers, therefore, it was required to comply with the sanctions rule. Huawei was known to have been stockpiling chips from its HiSilicon unit before TSMC cut ties to comply with US sanctions.

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