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IMAX Doubles Footprint In Philippines

The largest cinema chain in the Philippines, SM Cinema, has announced a major expansion of its partnership with IMAX Corporation, introducing 10 new state-of-the-art IMAX with Laser systems to the country.

IMAX Corporation and SM Cinema are set to transform the moviegoing experience in the Philippines with the introduction of 10 new IMAX with Laser systems.

This expansion more than doubles the current IMAX footprint in the rapidly growing Filipino market, highlighting the nation's growing significance in the global entertainment landscape.

Three of the new locations will be established in completely new venues, while seven will involve upgrading existing systems within SM Cinema's network.

Three of the upgraded locations are expected to open in 2024, with the remaining ones scheduled for completion by the end of 2026.

The new IMAX with Laser systems is designed to offer an unmatched cinematic experience, featuring a groundbreaking 4K laser projection system with custom-designed lenses and proprietary technology that enhances resolution, contrast, and color range.

The result is crystal-clear visuals and precision audio that create a one-of-a-kind immersive moviegoing experience.

Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX, expressed enthusiasm about this expansion, stating, "With our biggest system agreement yet in 2024, IMAX continues to see network expansion accelerate as the film slate picks up steam — an excellent indicator of our continued business momentum globally."

He highlighted SM Cinema's position as a key partner in this growth, praising the company's consumer-focused approach.

The partnership between IMAX and SM Cinema has flourished since 2006, with nine existing locations operating across the Philippines. The success of this relationship is a testament to the country's vibrant cinema culture and its emerging role as a top-performing market for IMAX in Southeast Asia.

Since 2022, the Philippines has ranked among the top 30 highest-grossing IMAX markets globally.

SM Supermalls President Steven T. Tan underscored the importance of this expansion, noting that the inclusion of the Philippines in these major developments reflects the country's growing role in shaping the global entertainment industry.

"The inclusion of the Philippines in the discourse underscored its growing significance in the global entertainment landscape, affirming SM Supermalls' goal in shaping the industry's future," said Tan.


With these 10 new IMAX with Laser systems, moviegoers in the Philippines can look forward to an unparalleled cinematic experience that will continue to redefine the boundaries of visual and auditory entertainment.


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