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A judge hearing President Donald Trump’s federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s win in Wisconsin said that the president’s request to “remand” the case to the GOP-controlled Legislature to pick new electors was “bizarre,” Scott Bauer reported for the Associated Press (AP).

The federal case is one of two Trump has in Wisconsin making similar arguments. He filed another one in state court, which the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear before it first goes through lower courts. Hearings on both lawsuits were scheduled for Thursday, with the judges noting the importance of resolving the legal battles before the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14.

Trump, who argues that hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots cast in accordance with state guidelines were illegal, wants a federal judge to give the Republican-controlled Legislature the power to determine who won the election. It has led to judges and legal experts scratching their heads since the plea wants to overturn the choice of Wisconsin voters, something that is not only unconstitutional and illegal but also a subversion of the democratic process. Trump’s bizarre behavior has perplexed even his Republican party-mates.

“It’s a request for pretty remarkable declaratory relief,” said US District Judge Brett Ludwig during a conference call to set deadlines and a hearing date. Ludwig, who said it was “an unusual case, obviously,” also cast doubt on whether a federal court should be considering it at all. “I have a very, very hard time seeing how this is justiciable in the federal court,” Ludwig, a Trump appointee, said. “The request to remand this case to the Legislature almost strikes me as bizarre.”

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