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The son of a US judge overseeing a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank linked to its financial dealings with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein has been shot and killed in an attack at their home, according to a Euronews report.

The FBI is investigating a fatal shooting at the New Jersey home of Judge Esther Salas, whose husband was also shot and injured.

The judge, who was believed to have been in the basement when the gunman attacked, was assigned to try a lawsuit filed at a District Court in New Jersey on July 15 against Deutsche Bank on behalf of allegedly aggrieved investors.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for price losses allegedly caused by violations of US securities laws. Deutsche Bank is accused of making false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering practices before it was fined $150 million (€133 million) for compliance failures related to Epstein earlier this month.

The FBI did not proffer a motive for the shooting but said they were "looking for one suspect" in a public call for further information.

According to reports by CNN, the gunman was disguised as a FedEx delivery driver. He is believed to have opened fire when the front door was opened, fatally wounding Daniel Anderl, Salas' 20-year-old son.

Mark Anderl, a criminal defence lawyer, was also fired upon and injured in the melee. He was taken to a hospital near the family home in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In a tweet, the state's governor Jim Murphy posted: "Judge Salas and her family are in our thoughts at this time as they cope with this senseless act."

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