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Judicial Noose Tightening Around Trump's Neck: CNN

It appears that there is a significant cost associated with attempting to steal votes, defaming defenseless election workers, and invading the US Capitol to obstruct a democratic transfer of presidential power.

Accountability is drawing nearer to Donald Trump. I Image: DonkeyHotey Flickr

Accountability is drawing nearer to Donald Trump, as argued by Stephen Collinson in an analysis for CNN.

The US judicial system is intensifying its efforts to hold the former president, his supporters, and acolytes accountable for their attempts to undermine the 2020 election. Just on Thursday, two members of the far-right Proud Boys group received lengthy sentences despite their pleas for leniency from a judge.

They were convicted of seditious conspiracy for their involvement in the mob attack on Congress on January 6, 2021. In another case this week, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani lost a defamation lawsuit filed by two Georgia election workers he and Trump had targeted.

A lawyer representing the two election workers pledged on CNN to pursue accountability "to the end of the Earth" in a damages trial.

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On Thursday, Trump entered a not guilty plea in a racketeering case in Georgia. This case charges him and 18 others, including Giuliani, with attempting to overturn President Joe Biden's victory in the state.

Trump's former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, may also soon learn the outcome of his attempt to transfer the state case against him to federal court.

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Furthermore, a judge on Thursday cleared the way for hearings and trials in the case to be televised, providing the entire country with an opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of Trump's actions in Georgia.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing in the four criminal cases for which he will be tried—two related to 2020 election interference, one concerning mishandling of classified documents, and another involving a hush money payment made to an adult film star before the 2016 election.

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