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South Korea said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has apologized for the shooting death earlier this week of a South Korean fisheries official who drifted into North Korean waters, Kyodo news agency reported.

Kim's rare apology to a foreign government comes amid growing public anger in South Korea toward its northern neighbor over the killing of its unarmed citizen. "We feel very sorry for greatly disappointing South Koreans and the president by causing an unsavory incident unexpectedly on our side," National Security Director Suh Hoon quoted Kim as saying in a letter sent to the South Korean government.

The letter came a day after President Moon Jae In condemned North Korea for shooting dead the Oceans and Fisheries Ministry employee and burning his body at sea. He was reported missing on Monday while on patrol for potential illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea near the inter-Korean border.

The South Korean government has determined he was shot dead Tuesday by North Korean troops and has demanded punishment for those responsible for his death. The letter from the United Front Department of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea was received by the South Korean government on Friday morning. The letter said that when asked by North Korean troops from a distance of about 80 meters to identify himself, the man aboard a floating material only said he was from South Korea and declined to say more, Suh said during a press briefing.

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