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Writing for Hindustan Times in Washington D. C., Yashwant Raj reported late on June 4, 2020 that after the clear rebuke of US President Donald Trump by former defense secretary James Mattis on Wednesday, more former military leaders and veterans have condemned Trump for trying to use soldiers and the National Guard against Americans protesting the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

Aside from former Army majors and colonels brandishing upside-down US flags to symbolize a nation in distress, Defense Secretary Mark Esper also criticized the dispersal of protesters near the White House to secure the photo opportunity of Trump holding a Bible in front of the St. John Episcopal Church near the White House and rejected the use of troops to quell dissenters.

Former chairman of the US chiefs of staff Mike Mullen wrote in a piece in The Atlantic: “I am not convinced that the conditions on our streets have risen to the level that justifies a heavy reliance on military troops. Certainly, we have not crossed the threshold that would make it appropriate to invoke the provisions of the Insurrection Act.”

John Allen, a retired general who headed US-led forces in Afghanistan, wrote in Foreign Policy, “Right now, the last thing the country needs is the appearance of US soldiers carrying out the president’s intent by descending on American citizens.”

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