• By The Financial District


Workplace messaging service Slack has filed a formal complaint against Microsoft Corporation with the European Commission, accusing it of anti-competitive practice.

It says Microsoft is illegally "abusing its market dominance" and removing the competition in an alleged breach of EU law, according to a report from Euronews.

The complaint concerns Microsoft's move to include its Teams app in an installation process for Microsoft Office users.

"Microsoft has illegally tied its Teams product into its market-dominant Office productivity suite, force installing it for millions, blocking its removal, and hiding the true cost to enterprise customers,” Slack said in a statement on Wednesday.

Jonathan Prince, vice president of communications and policy at Slack, said the company was a threat to Microsoft's business in enterprise software but offered a superior product.

“But this is much bigger than Slack versus Microsoft – this is a proxy for two very different philosophies for the future of digital ecosystems, gateways versus gatekeepers,” Prince said.

“Slack simply wants fair competition and a level playing field," added David Schellhase, general counsel at Slack.

"We’re asking the EU to be a neutral referee, examine the facts, and enforce the law.”